Meet Cyril – the paddler

Cyril Derreumaux is an extreme Adventurer, Ultra-Endurance Athlete, specialized in water sports: river canoes, outrigger canoes, surfskis & rowing. He is also a motivational speaker and performance coach. French-born, now also American citizen, world traveler,...

Meet the Dream-Team

Such an endeavor requires to have the best experienced team to support Cyril throughout the journey. Dr. Aenor Sawyer Expedition’s MD, MS Orthopedist at UCSF with a decade of experience as ‘Expedition Medic’ Dave Loustalot...

Custom Kayak Building

Cyril is having a custom boat built in England by Rob Feloy, an undisputed specialist in ocean kayak vessels. Here below are some of the very first drafts of the technical drawings. As a reference,...

Live life to the fullest!

Cyril believes in his core that life is a magnificent ADVENTURE, and that it must be lived to the fullest. #attacklife! “Pictures are worth a thousand words”. Browse this page to get to know Cyril,...


After successfully crossing the 2,800 miles of the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii in 2022, Cyril Derreumaux will take on the 3,000 miles of the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands to Martinique in December 2024. 

His last success: MID-PACIFIC 4,444 kilometers / 2,761 miles / 2,400 nautical miles

After 91 days and 9 hours at sea, solo kayaker Cyril completed the 1st solo kayak crossing, unsupported and human-powered, of the Mid-Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii.  Having departed in the early morning of June 21st from Monterey, California, kayaker Cyril successfully landed at Hilo Bay, Hawaii on September 20, 2022 completing the 2400 nautical miles (4,444 km) ocean crossing.

His next challenge: ATLANTIC 4,800 kilometers / 3,000 miles / 2,800 nautical miles

Cyril will leave in December 2024 from La Restinga, The Canary Islands, with the aim to reach the island of Martinique on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in a 100% human-powered, solo and unsupported kayak expedition. 

Find the detailed press release by clicking Here.

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